We love our home built by RC Dent Construction! We are so impressed with the quality. And we love the attention that was given to the details. It’s the details that make our home beautiful. Scott Dent listened to our needs and quickly addressed any concerns. We had a wonderful experience building and would recommend RC Dent Construction.
M. Walton

We have been impressed with how professional RC Dent Construction is and with how great their communication has been with us as the homeowners. Their quality of work is wonderful and they have always met their time frame. We would highly recommend them and if we build another home, we would for sure use them again.
B. Farris

Our project with RC Dent was to add some extra living space that would make our home more comfortable for us and more accommodating to our family gatherings. RC Dent took our original house plans and came up with a proposed layout that would meet our needs of more efficient living space. During the project, RC Dent was very aware of our needs and made sure the construction process has minimal effect on our day-to-day activities. Everything occurred as scheduled. Communication between us and RC Dent during the project went very well. We would meet at least weekly to review the project and discuss what is scheduled for the next week. The quality of work was excellent. If there were any concerns, it was taken care of immediately. I would recommend them to anyone who is planning to add on to their house.
A. Halt

We had such a positive experience building with RC Dent. They finished our home quickly and exceeded all of our expectations! We loved being able to design the home ourselves and receive their helpful input along the way. We’ve been in our home for 6 months now and absolutely love it. I think it’s hard to find trustworthy builders who have your best interest these days, but I found just that with RC Dent and would definitely recommend them!
K. Cheesman

Can I tell you how awesome these guys are to work with!! I love that they love their clients and have such high standards I don’t even have to say a word. They are always looking out for the clients best interest . They are a very rare find. I am so lucky to have found them with so many bad builders out there.
A. Terry