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We will help you narrow your list down by the area you’d like to live in, the size of lot, and any other concerns you have with regards to location. Then, we can get to work finding the perfect building site for your custom built home!

If this is overwhelming, you can start by going online and finding 15-25 photos of homes, kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors that you love. We will then take those and create a home within your budget that meets your needs.

Some great places to start are Houzz.com, HGTV.com, Pinterest, and Google.

STEP 3 - Lender Pre-Approval Financing Options

Next, we will get you pre-qualified for financing. We have different financing options available.


Step 4 – Builder Meeting

It is time to sit down with Scott and Brian and talk to them about the kind of home and price range you want to be in. By this point you will know what kind of home and floor plan you would like, so they will be able to come to the meeting with ideas for you as well.

You will be dealing with your builder during the entire build process. We want to make sure you feel good about RC Dent and our team before we go any further.


Step 5 – Settle on a Plan and Choose a Lot

We are now narrowing down any changes on your plan and have found your lot. Once we do that, we can move forward on starting your home.

Here are some questions to consider:

1. Do you want a rambler all-main floor living or a two-story home?
2. How many bedrooms do you need on each floor?
3. How many bathrooms on each floor?
4. Are you single, married, children, taking care of family, or have any disabilities we can design around?
5. What are the 3 most important things this home needs to have in it?
6. What is your ideal square footage and why?
7. When you walk into your home, what do you want to feel? What is your favorite style?

Step 6 – Full Lender Approval

Step 7 – Pay Deposit and Begin

We will write your purchase contract with the total you were bid for your home. This contract will include approximate completion dates for you to be able to start planning.

At this point, the builder will require a deposit – they require 7% down on homes under $500,000, and what ever your down payment will be on your loan plus 3% contingency under the jumbo loan requirements and 5 % contingency over 1 million.

We can then break ground and begin your new home!

Step 8 – You Build Workbook

Before we start, you will receive your “construction binder”. It will contain your floor plans, your budget for each item if applicable, the names and locations of vendors, and a comprehensive list of what we need you to do each week of construction: your homework!

This way, you don’t have to choose everything at once and can spend time looking at options before you choose selections.

Step 9 – Weekly Meetings

You will have weekly onsite meetings throughout your whole construction process with the builder. You can ask questions, clarify any questions we may have, and catch anything you don’t like or don’t understand.

This keeps communication open and clear, allowing us to address all concerns and let you know what will be happening the next week on your home. They will also go over your homework at this time for the next week.


Step 10 – Homework

Make sure you take as many notes and photos needed for you in your building book and future reference. Also, make sure to write down any questions you run into while trying to do your homework. That is exactly what the builders meetings are for.

They will help you make those decisions and go over anything you need to feel good about the decision. Most importantly, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! You are in total control of this part and this is the part that can delay your home.

Step 11- Almost Done!

A week or so from completion, we will do a final walk-through and make sure everything is perfect and how you expected. If it isn’t, you will be able to discuss it with the builder and identify it for correction.

In addition, the builder will walk you through your home and show you how to use all your fun new toys like furnaces, appliances, water heaters and everything in your home!

Step 12- Closing

Congratulations, you made it to closing! RC Dent Construction provides an extensive warranty; ask them for any details, but most of all, enjoy your beautiful new home!